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3 Things to Know About the Proposed Rule

We all know the ways that action by the Supreme Court, President, or Congress can affect our daily lives. But what many don’t know is that other bodies – like federal agencies within the executive branch – can also have great impact.


One such federal agency, the US Department of Labor, is currently considering changes to its process for determining if someone is an employee or an independent contractor. The department claims that these changes will help both employers and workers combat employee misclassification: a practice that incorrectly classifies someone as a contractor instead of an employee.


While that may seem like a good thing to address, changes to the existing system could have big impacts on your daily life. Here are three things you need to know about the Department of Labor’s decision:

  1. If the Department of Labor is successful in changing the existing rule on independent contractor classification, it would make it harder for businesses to work with you as an independent contractor.

  2. For those who work in the app-based economy, changes to the existing system could mean a change to full-time employment, set schedules, shift durations, total hours, and more.

  3. The Department of Labor has extended its period for public comment, and is accepting comments until December 13th, 2022. You can follow the instructions below to submit your thoughts to the Department to make your voice heard.

How to Submit a Comment:


  • Click HERE to submit your comment (illustrated on the right)​​

  • In the box marked COMMENT, write your personal story and why you value flexible and independent work.


  • In a few words, explain: (Please feel free to choose any or all of these questions. They are just suggestions!)

    • Include the name(s) of the app-based platforms you earn income on.

    • Why did you decide to earn income as an independent contractor with an app-based companie(s), instead of as a traditional employee somewhere else?

    • Why do you value the flexibility of being an independent contractor? 

    • Why does the flexibility of being an independent contractor work for you and your family? 

    • How would potential government regulations that could make independent work more challenging affect your home/family/personal life? 

    • What do you wish lawmakers understood about working as an app-based worker?

    • What doors have earning opportunities through app-based platforms opened for you?

  • Close by urging the Department of Labor to pursue policies that protect your flexibility.

  • In the box marked EMAIL, add your email. This will not be publicly shared.

  • In the section marked, “TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF,” check “an individual.”

  • Click the statement that reads: “I read and understand the statement above.”

  • Select “submit comment.”

  • Please respond to this email when you submit your comment. 

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