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App-Based Industry Contributes Over $212 Billion Annually to the U.S. Economy and Spurs $32 Billion Boost for Local Businesses, New Study Finds

Landmark study—using for the first time aggregated data from leading app-based rideshare and delivery platform companies—reveals powerful economic impact nationally and at the state level

WASHINGTON – The app-based rideshare and delivery industry contributes over $212 billion annually to the U.S. economy and offers flexible earning opportunities to more than 7.3 million app-based workers, according to a landmark new study commissioned by Flex, the trade association representing the leading app-based platforms, and authored by leading consultancy Public First.

Across all 50 states in 2022 alone, app-based platforms facilitated 4.3 billion rides and deliveries by 7.3 million app-based workers, boosted app-based workers’ income by $5.1 billion, and supported at least 2.1 million jobs indirectly. This first-of-its-kind analysis is based on aggregated data from leading U.S. app-based platforms as well as new consumer and app-based worker survey data.

In addition, the study finds that U.S. app-based rideshare and delivery services:

⎯ Generated $32 billion in additional revenue for restaurants, grocers, and other local businesses.

⎯ Saved consumers 1.05 billion hours and produced $11 billion in consumer surplus.

⎯ Could more than double to contribute $500 billion in GDP by 2032.

“This report illustrates that the app-based industry has become a key contributor to the U.S. economy, while offering millions the opportunity to earn income on their own terms,” said Kristin Sharp, Flex CEO. “Across all fifty states, app-based rideshare and delivery platforms are providing flexible earning opportunities for workers, boosting local businesses, and making consumers’ lives easier.”

“App based rideshare and delivery platforms represent a growing piece of the US economic pie – and we estimate that the industry could be worth approximately $500 billion in ten years time,” said Vinous Ali, Director, Public First. “Our research also shows a positive impact on individual people. Consumers benefit from the time saved, merchants reach more customers – whilst drivers and delivery partners value the flexibility offered by app-based earning opportunities.”

Visit the Flex website for the full report along with infographics highlighting key national and state-level data from the study and other Flex research initiatives for all U.S. states.

Katie Grant Drew, Monument Advocacy

About the Research. Flex commissioned independent research agency Public First to help quantify the impact of ride hailing and delivery apps for consumers, workers, merchants and local communities. Our research includes data from a nationally representative consumer survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, an anonymous survey of 1,034 workers that use Flex members’ apps, and new economic modeling based on information from Flex members.

About Flex. Flex is the voice of the app-based economy, representing America's leading app-based rideshare and delivery platforms and the people who count on them. Our member companies — DoorDash, Grubhub, HopSkipDrive, Instacart, Lyft, Shipt and Uber— help provide access to crucial goods and services to customers safely and efficiently, offer flexible earning opportunities to workers and support economic growth in communities across the country.

About Public First. Public First is a policy, research, opinion and strategy consultancy. We work with global companies, governments, start ups, institutions and foundations around the world to tackle major public policy and strategic challenges. We are a company partner of the Market Research Society and members of the British Polling Council.


Date: 03/21/2024
Category: Press Releases