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Flex member companies are leveraging new technologies to find innovative ways to increase the safety of customers, workers, and communities.

Automated Technologies

Protect Earners and Consumers

Automated technologies can help prioritize the safety of the workers and consumers who use app-based platforms, as well as the communities in which they live.

To learn more about how automated technologies are improving safety, read our comments in response to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s Request for Information.  

Natural Disaster Response

Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity across the United States. At times of these emergencies, access to transportation is often curtailed and key supplies—such as food—can become limited. The app-based industry is proud to be uniquely positioned to provide support to impacted communities—including our workers on the ground.

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place for weather-related disasters. Platforms can tap real-time weather data and changing restaurant operations information to alert customers of food availability and to adjust or suspend operations in areas facing natural disasters to help mitigate risks for workers.


Rideshare platforms can activate their disaster response programs to provide free and discounted rides to help individuals move to shelters and other safe locations. Delivery platforms offer crucial support to many, including the homebound, who may not be able to travel to a food bank or pantry. Some platforms have also donated technology to local food banks to help ensure that those in need receive food supplies after a disaster strikes.


resources. Our companies often partner with boots-on-the-ground non-profits like Feeding America and the American Red Cross to get communities what they need. Some platforms also offer financial support to their active workers in impacted areas to help provide for immediate needs. Platforms make donations, directly and via matching campaigns, and can leverage their scale and user base to enable rapid giving from customers through the app platform itself. Such efforts have generated millions of dollars in financial support to communities in the wake of natural disasters.