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Choosing Transparency

App-based delivery platforms are deeply committed to transparency.

Our industry is proud to work with local businesses to bring everything from food and groceries to prescription medicine to consumers’ doorsteps via transparent services and business models that support consumers, earners, business owners, and communities.

What You See is What You Get

Unlike other industries that charge so-called “junk fees” app-based platform fees reflect real costs associated with fulfilling consumers’ orders, supporting restaurant and retail partners, and compensating app-based workers. Such fees are clearly displayed to customers in multiple, myriad, and accessible ways prior to ordering.

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Customer Data

Bills have been recently introduced in states and localities that would force app-based delivery companies to disclose customers’ personal information—often pitched under the guise of “fee transparency.” These proposals run counter to our industry’s commitments to safeguard data—and could expose customers’ personal information unnecessarily, increasing the risk of that data being stolen or misused.

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