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Our policy work

Flex advocates for policy priorities that increase earning opportunities for workers, grow small businesses, and expand access to the services that customers need and want.

Flexibility. Autonomy. Entrepreneurship.

We work to advance commonsense policies that meet the needs of a modern society and economy.

We drive efforts to grow the businesses that provide goods and services through platforms and help the local communities we serve flourish.

We advocate for flexibility, autonomy, and entrepreneurship for the millions of Americans who choose independent work.

Independent Work

Policymakers should respect the choices of millions of Americans who want flexibility in work. Learn More »

Choosing Transparency

Flex members are committed to price transparency and affordability for the services we enable. Learn More »

Promoting Responsible
Data Use

We support balancing technological innovation with fostering trust and protecting privacy. Learn More »

Developing Portable
Benefits Solutions

Flex has set forth federal principles for legislation to provide portable benefits for app-based earners. Learn More »

“I’m a single dad raising twin teenagers. Delivering with Grubhub allows me to support my family and save for the future.”

Matthew H, Ohio, driving with Grubhub
Policy initiatives

We advocate for flexibility, autonomy, entrepreneurship, and more. »

thought leadership

At Flex, we are defining the future of work—today. »


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