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Promoting Responsible Data Use

Automated technology is at the core of all app-based platforms: It’s why they work so well.

By leveraging automated technologies to process information, delivery and transportation platforms are able to efficiently and effectively serve customers, workers, and communities. The app-based industry believes in balancing these benefits while maintaining trust and protecting privacy.

How App-Based Platforms Use Automated Technologies

App-based platforms are powered by automated technologies that use an underlying data set to match an app-based worker with the consumer. By processing and considering complex data points, automated technologies make it possible to match earners with customers, efficiently, reliably, and safely.

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Today’s automated technologies allow app-based platforms to:

Create and Maximize Earner Opportunity and Consumer Value

Provide Transparency and Support Earner and Consumer Decisionmaking

Advance the Safety of Earners and Consumers

Produce Data Insights that Benefit Cities and Communities

Data Sharing
Principles for
Mobility and Delivery

In our increasingly connected world, more data than ever is captured and shared each day. Knowing how to share that data can be difficult. Flex worked with urban and economic development consulting company HR&A Advisors to develop a series of best practices for sharing data.​

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