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Flex Association Responds to Comment Period Extension for Proposed Department of Labor Rule

WASHINGTON, DC – Kristin Sharp, CEO of Flex Association, released the following statement today following the Department of Labor’s 15-day extension of the comment period for the agency’s proposed rule regarding worker classification:

Today, Flex has requested the Department of Labor provide an additional 30-day comment period extension. While we’re encouraged that the Department of Labor agreed to an initial 15-day extension, we believe all stakeholders — including workers and businesses large and small — that leverage app-based platforms should have ample time to understand the proposed rule’s potential impacts and provide comment. Workers should have more opportunity to voice their perspectives and share on why they have chosen to embrace independent work via app-based platforms.

Good public policy centers on the voices of those that could be most impacted by proposed regulations– not Beltway perceptions of what regulators believe is best. In the first-ever national poll of app-based workers, 77% made clear they prefer to remain independent. Flex looks forward to working with the Department of Labor to ensure that the voices of app-based earners are heard and to protect workers’ ability and independence to earn on their own terms.

Date: 10/31/2022
Category: Flex Insights