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Flex CEO Kristin Sharp Testifies Before the U.S. House Education & Workforce Subcommittee on Strengthening Independent Work

April 11th, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, app-based platform association Flex’s CEO, Kristin Sharp, reiterated how innovative policy initiatives like portable benefits programs can strengthen independent work. In testimony before the Subcommittee on Workforce Protections, Sharp discussed the importance of maintaining the flexibility of independent work–including for those who choose to earn on app-based platforms–while exploring policies that increase independent workers’ access to benefits.

Innovation has created more opportunities for workers to earn income when, where, and how often they choose, but existing laws create obstacles for independent workers to access benefits that are often provided by and connected to employers, like health insurance or retirement savings. Today’s hearing centered on portable benefits that follow individuals across their working arrangements. With portable benefits, millions could gain access to more benefits while maintaining the flexibility they want from independent work, like that enabled by app-based work.

“Portable benefits represent the best of both worlds: offering workers benefits historically provided by employers while retaining the flexibility of independent work–flexibility that is simply not possible in a traditional employment context,” said Sharp. “There is growing bipartisan recognition that portable benefits can increase access to benefits for independent workers, and we are proud to highlight the app-based industry’s support for balanced solutions that don’t force workers to choose between employment with benefits or flexible work without.”

Read Kristin Sharp’s full testimony here and oral testimony here.


Katie Grant Drew, Monument Advocacy


About Flex: Flex is the voice of the app-based economy, representing America's leading app-based rideshare and delivery platforms and the people who count on them. Our member companies — DoorDash, Grubhub, HopSkipDrive, Instacart, Lyft, Shipt and Uber— help provide access to crucial goods and services to customers safely and efficiently, offer flexible earning opportunities to workers and support economic growth in communities across the country.

Date: 04/11/2024
Category: Flex Insights, Press Releases