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App-based workers value the independence and flexibility to set their own hours and work around their other jobs, commitments, and interests. This gives them the freedom to build work around their life and caring for their family — not the other way around. The “Independence Works” campaign is about listening to what app-based workers want, and amplifying their voices.

“I drive about four hours a week. I’m a full-time mom.” - Ada R. 

“I drive about 10 hours a week. Because I teach full time.” - Kyuna S. 

“Independence works, ‘cause I’m the boss around here.” - Ian W.

“Let’s say I want to work a few hours outside of my regular

job to save for my kid’s college. I can do that.” - Ricardo P.


One in six Americans has earned money working through an online platform.

58% of app-based workers say that the extra money earned from platforms has been vital for meeting their basic needs.

The main reasons app-based workers say they do this work include:  wanting to save up extra money, needing to cover gaps and changes in income and being able to control their own schedule, and wanting to be their own boss.

Nationally, app-based workers spend approximately 8 hours a week on average utilizing the platform for work.*

A One-Size-Fits-All Approach Ignores Workers

Some federal and state policymakers want to implement a one-size-fits-all employment model for all workers, regardless of their needs or desires.


Reclassifying app-based workers as employees rather than independent contractors would jeopardize flexibility, choice, and independence — the main reasons workers say they pursue this work in the first place.  It could result in fewer earning opportunities and create limits on when and how people can work.

It could result in fewer jobs for drivers, higher prices for consumers, and less access to the goods and services that individuals and families across the country rely on.

The Solution:

Government leaders should work with app-based drivers, community groups, and companies to develop a way forward that protects the aspect of this work workers consistently say they care most about: their independence.

*Calculated using proprietary data collected from a cross-section of members of Flex.
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