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COVID Impact Report

When the pandemic threatened livelihoods and local economies, the app-based industry stepped in to provide essential services and earning opportunities to tens of millions of Americans. To date, Flex member companies – DoorDash, Gopuff, Grubhub, HopSkipDrive, Instacart, Lyft, and Shipt, Uber – have provided direct financial support to drivers and delivery people, implemented advanced safety […]

Veterans Impact Report

Those who serve in America’s Armed Forces keep our nation safe and free, and the app- based industry is committed to honoring their bravery and sacrifice. Flex member companies will always stand to support our community of veterans, service members, and military families. App-based work provides the military community with opportunities to earn income on […]

Older Americans Report

Older Americans are an integral part of our communities. Flex member companies arecommitted to supporting Americans aged 50 and older, providing them withopportunities to earn and ensuring they have access to the goods and services theyneed and want to age with independence and dignity.

Black Communities and the App-Based Economy

More than 23 million Americans earn income on app-based platforms, serving hundreds of millions of consumers across the United States. Among these earners are countless Black Americans utilizing the industry to earn income on their own terms, with the added flexibility to support their families, and achieve their entrepreneurial goals The app-based industry is committed […]

Small Businesses and the App-Based Economy

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy and American entrepreneurship. The app- based economy is proud to support small businesses, especially in a time when small businesses are recovering from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this uncertainty, the app-based industry has remained committed to providing key services and earning opportunities to […]

The App-Based Economy At Large

In September, Flex partnered with polling firm, Morning Consult, to survey thousands of app-based workers and consumers across the country. We found that the app-based industry is a critical portion of the economy that individuals and consumers alike value and rely on for income and meeting community needs. ​

Sustainability Impact Report

The global climate crisis demands greater accountability and urgent actionacross the app-based industry. That’s why Flex member companies are usingtheir platforms to accelerate the shift to a cleaner, safer, more equitable futurefor our planet. From daily operations to community-level initiatives, Flex member companiesare leading the industry’s race to zero carbon emissions, cleaner air, and lesswaste. […]

Equity Impact Report

For far too long, communities of color have faced long-standing barriers to access—to transportation, food, and work opportunities—due to generations of systematic inequities and discrimination. Flex member companies are committed to breaking down these barriers and supporting communities of color by providing them with opportunities to earn, and ensuring they have access to the goods […]