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Workers. Consumers. Small Businesses. Communities. Rideshare and delivery companies.

Flex represents everyone who benefits from the app-based economy.
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we have greater access to goods and services—and more time to enjoy our busy lives.

we have gained massive flexibility in how, when, and where we work.

whether rural, suburban, or urban, we have new earning opportunities, increased economic growth, and innovative service options.

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Rideshare and delivery apps help everyone meet the demands of the modern world and enjoy life to the fullest. Learn more

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App-based work offers people a way to make additional money with low barriers to entry, swift payouts, scalable income, and the flexibility that traditional employment lacks. Learn more

“When my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it became impossible to work at my full-time job. Working on my own terms, I can make a decent living and have time with my mom — I even take her with me on rides.”

Maria L, Florida, driving with Doordash and UberEats


of Americans are app-based workers


combine app-based work with other income or responsibilities or are retired


of app-based workers are parents