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Flex Portable Benefits Principles

The Flex Association’s framework for federal portable benefits legislation is built on six key principles:


App-based workers should be able to choose how to use their portable benefits, including for, but not limited to, retirement, health, and paid leave.


App-based platform contributions should be in proportion to how much app-based workers earn. App-based earners should also be able to contribute to their account.


Benefits should be tied to the app-based worker, enabling them to contribute to and use the account regardless of which app-based platform(s) they are using.


App-based workers and platforms that are covered would be guided by a national test governing their classification as independent contractors and the workers’ relationship with app-based platforms.


Such portable benefits accounts should be efficiently managed by approved third-party institutions.


Independent contractors deriving their benefits from a portable account should be eligible for the same kinds of tax breaks and pre-tax contributions as employees.

Date: 02/02/2024
Category: Flex Insights