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How App-Based Platforms are Building a Sustainable Future

The app-based economy understands that urgent action is needed to tackle climate change. On Earth Day, we need a future-facing mindset to transition to a greener economy.

A comprehensive climate response will require re-evaluation at the smallest levels of our society and communities. Today, cities are built on old infrastructure. Our transportation networks, food systems, and economy are still built for yesterday's America, and the modern solutions we will need will rely on new tools that enable innovation. We need solutions that transform how we meet our communities’ needs, and prepare us for a future with many unknowns.

The app-based industry is committed to accelerating the shift to a cleaner, safer, more equitable future. Flex member companies are leading the way in facilitating sustainable change by creating a larger network of innovative partnerships and building a pipeline for new ideas. Their programs span from investing in sustainable packaging, diverting food waste, and improving logistics efficiency, to building out EV, ebike, and micro-mobility infrastructure, and finding new ways to provide delivery access to goods. From daily operations to community-level initiatives, Flex member companies are leading the industry’s race to zero carbon emissions, cleaner air, and less waste. Read more about our sustainability efforts in our Sustainability Impact Report.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we urge all Americans to not just focus on the individual actions we can take to reduce our carbon footprint, but consider the systemic changes we need. The app-based economy has a crucial role to play, through reshaping old systems and innovating the economy. Recognizing the challenges we will face, Flex member companies are investing in sustainable practices to help build a more sustainable future for all. Happy Earth Day!

Refer to Flex impact reports for more information on how the app-based industry

empowers working Americans:

Date: 04/24/2023
Category: Flex Insights