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INSIDER: An explosion in side hustles and self-employment

INSIDER's Aki Ito published a new profile on self-employment, app-enabled, and platform work: showing the pandemic's marked impact on entrepreneurialism in America.

Critically INSIDER reports that "18% of newly remote professionals said they'd consider freelancing or starting their own business to be able to keep working from home. Side hustles and self-employment aren't just about the money. They're about freedom and flexibility."

But this spike in entrepreneurialism isn't just about the personal: startups are critical for job creation and hiring people who might be passed over by larger companies. As Ito writes, "supporting this boom is critical, because the handful of businesses that survive and expand will generate millions of jobs in the decades ahead. One or two may even remake the world as we know it. Google, which started out a quarter century ago as a wacky idea from a couple of graduate students, now commands a valuation of nearly $2 trillion. Which pandemic-born business or side hustle will end up becoming the Google of the 2040s?"

Check out the article here.

Date: 04/28/2022
Category: Industry News