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New Morning Consult Poll Shows 77% of App-Based Workers Prefer to Remain Independent Contractors

In the first national poll of app-based workers, 8 in 10 spend 20 hours or fewer per week on app-based platforms; more than 84% are satisfied with app-based platforms; and 85% say app-based platforms have been fair to the flexibility of workers' schedules

Washington, D.C. – The vast majority of app-based workers prefer to remain independent contractors, preserving the flexibility and freedom to choose when, where, and how often to work. A new survey released by Morning Consult was conducted on behalf of Flex, the voice of the app-based economy, and is the first national survey specific to app-based workers.

In a survey of 1,251 app-based workers across the United States, 77% said they support maintaining their current classification as independent contractors. Notably, four in five (80%) typically spend only 20 or fewer hours per week using app-based platforms (61% percent work 10 or fewer hours per week).

Furthermore, workers are overwhelmingly satisfied (84%) with app-based platforms according to the new survey. In addition, 85% say app-based platforms have been fair regarding the flexibility of workers' schedules.

“This data reflects a simple truth: app-based earners overwhelmingly prefer to remain independent,” said Flex CEO Kristin Sharp. “Flex encourages policymakers to listen to app-based earners as we work together to support the independent work that has drawn workers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences - from parents and veterans to caregivers and so many others - to app-based platforms.”

“App-based work offers me the independence to earn income on my own terms,” said Blakely Segroves, an app-based worker from Alabama. “After leaving the classroom to be a stay-at-home mom, I joined the app-based economy to save for my children's college education. Being my own boss lets me work when my family's busy schedule allows. Policymakers should recognize how apps have enabled millions of Americans like me to experience the freedom and flexibility that independent work provides."


App-Based Workers | Preference to Remain Independent

  • 77% support maintaining their current classification as independent contractors.

App-Based Workers | Work Frequency and Income Generation

  • 80% of earners earn with app-based platforms for 20 or fewer hours per week. 61% work 10 or fewer hours per week.

  • Nearly 8 in 10 workers say their income from work on app-based platforms is less than half of their overall income.

App-Based Workers | Satisfaction with Platforms, Pay, Schedule, and Safety

  • 84% of app-based workers are satisfied with using app-based platforms. 3 out of 4 say app-based platforms have been fair regarding pay to workers.

  • 83% of app-based workers said they are likely to continue using app-based platforms for work in the next year and they are likely to recommend that others use app-based platforms for work.

  • 85% say app-based platforms have been fair in terms of flexibility of schedule.

Methodology. The survey was conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of Flex from September 23-September 28, 2022. 1,251 workers who earn on app-based platforms in the United States were surveyed. Interviews were conducted online, and the data was weighted to approximate a target sample of app-based workers based on gender, age, race, educational attainment, and region. Results have a margin error of +/- 3 percentage points.

About Flex. Flex is the voice of the app-based economy, representing America's leading app-based rideshare and delivery platforms and the people who count on them. Our member companies —DoorDash, Gopuff, Grubhub, HopSkipDrive, Instacart, Lyft, Shipt, and Uber—help provide access to crucial goods and services to customers safely and efficiently, offer flexible earning opportunities to workers, and support economic growth in communities across the country. Together, we advocate for policies that enable our industry to continue delivering for the people who count on our platforms.

Date: 10/24/2022
Category: Flex Insights