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African American Mayors Association Resolution

Across the country, millions of Americans earn income with the app-based economy, and millions more benefit from the impact of the industry, especially in communities of color. The African American Mayors Association (AAMA) recognized the industry’s important role in their communities by passing a resolution supporting app-based workers and the benefits the industry delivers in communities throughout the U.S. 

Sponsored by AAMA President Frank Scott Jr. of Little Rock, AR, Second Vice President Steven Reed of Montgomery, AL, and former AAMA President Hardie Davis of Augusta, GA, this resolution makes clear that the AAMA supports the flexible work opportunities the app-based industry makes possible and the contributions of Flex member companies make to underserved communities.

From addressing challenges like food deserts and lack of public transit to delivering essential services and resources, Flex member companies are committed to breaking down barriers to access in Black and Brown communities. The AAMA acknowledges these contributions, highlighting how app-based platforms:

  • Serve hundreds of millions of consumers across the United States,
  • Give rideshare and delivery partners unprecedented control over when, where, and for whom they work,
  • Inject millions of dollars into Black and Brown communities and connect communities with access to goods and services,
  • Support Black entrepreneurship by offering opportunities to supplement income while getting new businesses off the ground; 
  • Expand economic opportunity, breaking cycles of poverty, inequity, and racial injustice, and
  • Provide a constant and invaluable path to wealth creation in Black communities through independent work.

The AAMA resolution also makes clear this is a pivotal moment for the industry and the broader economy, which requires modern frameworks that can protect the flexibility app-based workers want and provide access to benefits when they need them. The resolution concludes by calling for policy solutions that protect the independence and flexibility that has allowed millions from underserved communities to build economic power and resources on their own terms.

The mayors’ resolution comes as the U.S. Department of Labor considers a proposal that could jeopardize the freedoms workers rely on by reclassifying many independent workers, including app-based workers, as employees. The proposed rule could strip more than 23 million Americans who choose flexible, app-based work of their choice to work independently in the app-based economy.

This resolution also follows a new survey conducted by Morning Consult showing that an overwhelming majority of Americans see app-based platforms and those who earn on them as crucial to key community needs like safe transportation, supporting individuals with disabilities or illnesses, and access to food and other essentials. 

Source: Flex
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