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Suzanne R, Minnesota, driving with Lyft and Uber

“I have been a driver for seven years since my retirement. I love this work because I can make each and every day my own. I get to meet new people every day, see my city, and am providing a service that each person needs and appreciates.”

Tony A, Illinois, driving with Uber

“I am retired and have driven with Uber for 7 years. The flexible schedule is more than I could ever ask for. I can work around my doctor’s appointments and take time off to come back refreshed.”

Roy H, Texas, earning with Lyft and Uber

“I am a 70-year-old Navy veteran and I’ve been driving on rideshare apps for six years. I enjoy the fact that I am making money without having any boss or schedule. It gives me the flexibilty that I deserve in this chapter of my life.”