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Evan C, Maryland, earning with GrubHub

“I am a single father raising my daughter with cerebral palsy completely by myself. These jobs allow me the time for my child and to be financially secure and pay my bills.”

Jose M, Florida, earning with Instacart and Lyft

“App-based work allows me to manage my time and earn money when I want, spend more time with my family, interact with people on a daily basis, and help society by providing services that make life easier for everyone”

Katherine B, Texas, earning with Shipt

“Shipt has been a convenient and flexible way to earn money amidst rising costs. We have added $400 of monthly income, which has helped us tremendously. I am thankful for the opportunity to work for Shipt and hope I can for years to come!”

Suzanne R, Minnesota, driving with Lyft and Uber

“I have been a driver for seven years since my retirement. I love this work because I can make each and every day my own. I get to meet new people every day, see my city, and am providing a service that each person needs and appreciates.”

Tony A, Illinois, driving with Uber

“I am retired and have driven with Uber for 7 years. The flexible schedule is more than I could ever ask for. I can work around my doctor’s appointments and take time off to come back refreshed.”

Adrionna A, Texas, driving with Uber and UberEats

“I drive for Uber because of its flexibility. As a single mother of 3 teenagers with very different schedules, Uber allows me to earn extra money and be able to be present for all my kids’ needs.”

Frankie H, Texas, driving with Lyft, Uber, and UberEats

“With Uber and Lyft, I am able to take vacations, pay my bills, and most importantly, be with my son. Not only has it helped me financially but the convenience of working on my own time is very important for my relationship with him.”

Daniel M, Texas, driving with Uber

“I am father to a child with Autism and a mother with stage-3 cancer. This work gives me the opportunity to be flexible and be there for my loved ones who need more attention and assistance.”

Maria L, Florida, driving with Doordash and UberEats

“When my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it became impossible to work at my full-time job. Working on my own terms, I can make a decent living and have time with my mom — I even take her with me on rides.”